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Free Monthly Webinars

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Unlock exclusive trading insights from industry expert Anil by joining our free monthly webinars! Each session is designed to provide you with comprehensive market analysis, actionable trading strategies, and direct access to expert knowledge

Join Our Community Forum

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Join our vibrant community forum and connect with fellow traders! Gain access to discussions on trading strategies, market trends, and shared experiences. 

Interactive Trading Quiz

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This interactive quiz covers essential trading concepts, market terminology, and basic strategies. Whether you're a beginner looking to assess your understanding or an experienced trader wanting to refresh your skills.

Trading Tools

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Enhance your trading efficiency with our range of free Trading Tools! Our tools are designed to help traders of all levels make informed decisions and manage their trades more effectively. We provide the essential resources you need to succeed in the markets.

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Group Coaching Sessions

Participate in regular group coaching sessions with Anil and other experts. These sessions provide personalized guidance and answer specific trading questions, helping you improve your trading skills and strategies. Topics covered include technical analysis, risk management, market trends, and trading psychology.

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Attend weekly webinars that provide a comprehensive update on current market trends and trading strategies. These sessions cover various trading topics, including real-time market analysis and actionable insights. Stay updated with the latest market movements and strategies from Anil and Industry Experts.


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Receive a comprehensive monthly global investment report providing in-depth insights into worldwide financial markets. This includes an analysis of major economic indicators, sector performance, and global market trends. Learn about emerging market opportunities, potential risks, and investment strategies to make informed decisions and optimize your portfolio.

Monthly Global Investment Report

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Join our exclusive Telegram call channel to stay connected with Anil and receive timely trading calls and updates 24/7. Anil will make calls whenever he sees an opportunity, ensuring you never miss a profitable trade. Participate in group discussions and stay informed about market movements.

Telegram Call Channel access

Basic Tier 

Exclusive Webinars

Attend exclusive webinars available only to Elite members. These sessions dive deeper into advanced trading strategies, market insights, and provide personalized feedback from industry experts.

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Receive personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions with Anil, offering you the unique opportunity to learn directly from a trading expert with over 30 years of experience. With four sessions per month, you'll receive tailored guidance and support to refine your trading strategies and achieve your financial goals. 

One-on-One Mentorship

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Gain access to personalized portfolio review and optimization services. Receive expert advice on how to improve your trading portfolio for better returns and risk management. As an Elite member, you will benefit from monthly portfolio reviews conducted by Anil, offering specialized insights and tailored strategies to enhance your investment performance.

Portfolio Review and Optimization

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Enjoy priority support to resolve any issues or queries quickly. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with personalized and prompt responses.

Priority Support

Exclusive Networking Events

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Access exclusive virtual and in-person networking events where you can meet and connect with fellow traders and industry experts. These events provide valuable opportunities for learning, sharing experiences, and building professional relationships within the trading community.

Get full access to our comprehensive Trend Following Trading Course. This flagship course includes advanced lessons, detailed strategies, and practical exercises to help you master Trend-following techniques. The course also feat