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  • Best Value

    Elite Tier

    3 000R
    Every month
    Unlock the ultimate trading experience with our Elite Tier. Designed for the most dedicated traders, this tier offers exclusive access to advanced resources, personalized mentorship and more
    • All-Inclusive Community Access
    • Personalized Mentorship
    • Exclusive Webinars and Workshops
    • Priority Support
    • Elite Trading Tools
    • VIP Events
  • Basic Membership

    1 500R
    Every month
    Gain entry to our vibrant community and start your trading journey with essential resources and support. Access select webinars, participate in discussions, and utilize foundational trading tools
    • Exclusive Community Access
    • Select Webinars
    • Essential Trading Tools
    • Support and Guidance
    • Resource Library
  • Weekly Market Sentiment

    Every month
    Gain Knowledge into my weekly market Movement Predictions
     7 day free trial
    • Weekly Mastery Class
  • Key Concepts

    Unlock exclusive access to Anil’s “Key Concepts” subscription and elevate your trading expertise. Gain deep insights into essential trading strategies, advanced techniques, and market analysis.
    Valid for one month
    • Comprehensive Video Tutorials into detailed explanations
    • In-depth Market Analysis, Stay ahead with expert analysis
    • Master trading psychology and maintain a winning mindset
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